Handling Walls and Hex Maps for D@W


I know this is an easier question, but the answer seems to escape me. 

How would I place a wall on a hex map? Especially when using an overal square keep. It seems easy enough when following the hexes that use a straight path, but it becomes more difficult when placing another string of walls at a 90 degree angle, especially in order to keep the "pogs" on a hex when assaulting the second set of walls without it looking awful. How do people handle this? Does anyone have a sample I can look at? 

Much appreciated.

have you ever seem the hand-drawn hexes put out by hex kit? they have a wide variety of walls to facilitate making straight walls through hexes. the short answer is "it's complicated".  let me see if i can draw you up a sample.

something like this maybe?

Exactly as Jard did it.