Hard Copies

I would like to know if there are still hard copies of the most recent version of the rulebook available.

I left a message with Game Salute, and am expecting an answer back eventualy,
however my patience is not what it once was.

Does anyone know the fastest way to get my hands on a hard copy?
Or, if that is not possible, how i might resolve the fact that i NEED a hard copy at the table for play.


By hard copy, do you mean hardcover, or simply existing on the material plane?

Both. I would like to find a hard cover that exists on the material plane.

I’d also be interested in locating physical copies (preferably available in Sweden, so I don’t have to deal with international shipping from the US), regardless of their covers’ rigidity (or lack of same).

You could always do what one of my players did and just print the entire book, punch holes in it, and put it in a binder. That project actually produced something that is less pretty but in some ways more utilitarian than a normal book because he was able to easily put in dividers with little tabs for fast access to commonly used sections.

I ordered both the core book and the Player’s Guide from Game Salute just the other day and I got them within a week.

So, if you place your order, you might be pleasantly surprised.

I’ve thought about doing that, because then I could get one of those large binders and combine the Core book and Players companion with any supplements I want to use, but its kinda pricey to print them at kinko’s or something.

I ordered a hard copy of the Player’s Companion from Game Salute last week, and it arrived within 5 days (US domestic shipping). So, perhaps the core book is also available again?

They are both available at the moment…

Anyone know how Game Salute is for shipping to Canada? I’d like to own physical copies of the rules, but between the currency exchange rates, and the cross-border shipping charges, prices can get exorbitant rather quickly.

I’d ask my local game store about bringing it in, except they’d almost certainly charge me exactly as above, plus their own cut on top of that.



Is there no distribution of ACKS into Canada? I thought there was now…

Calum, we are in the process of switching from GameSalute to Studio Two. Starting in October, Studio Two will be distributing our full range of products throughout US, Canada, and Europe. We also will be adding print on demand options on DTRPG. So while I hate to ever delay someone from purchasing the Best RPG Evar™, you might benefit from holding off a bit.

This is somewhat of a digression, but since I missed the KS for D@W, and want to order it through my FLGS (both to support them and let them know there’s interest in Autarch products locally), is there any news on when and through whom D@W will be available for order by brick-and-mortars?

Yes; October; Studio Two.