Has anyone attempted to configure ACKS to the Michael Moorcock's Young Kingdoms?

I have really enjoyed reading over the System Book and Player’s companion. I am tempted to try and graft the Young Kingdoms into the ACKs System and have done some preliminary work. I was wondering if anyone else has done so?

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My biggest issue would be that the sorcery of the Young Kingdoms doesn’t mesh well with any D&D-derived spell system created so far. Elric and the sorcerers of Pan Tang don’t run around slinging magic missiles… they summon armies of demon-things and elementals and command or barter with them to serve.

So you’d have to re-write and re-balance how that worked in-game.

Though I could see creating a sorcerer class that basically exists to carry around maxed out or doubled up “henchmen”.

I am woefully unfamiliar with the setting as a gameable environment, but I just had a vision of a class that recruits otherdimensional hirelings, henchmen and mercenaries from markets whose class is based on how many ley lines cross (or however you want to envision a magical node of some sort).

Oh, you just gave me an amazing idea!

ACKs Lore already implies that the knowledge in someone’s repotoire involves keep tracking of celestial bodies and other shifting arcane ideas. What if, in order to maintain an ongoing permanent “spell” effect, a spellcaster had to negotiate an bargain with some extra dimensional being. In exchange for the permanent effect, the caster used up a henchman slot, possibly even paid “tribute” in the form of a monthly wage/share of the loot.

This is especially interesting me because I have players who are getting overwhelmed by having to manage all their henchman but, being a bit power gamey, feel compelled to max out their henchmen. I’ll have to explore this idea further.

That’s an extremely D&D idea, actually, witness the sandestin from Vance’s stories.

I like this idea. Trading out actual henchmen for more direct power-ups, basically.

And then, when they get to name-level, they have no trustworthy allies in their own empire… MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Or the sha’ir from Al-Qadim.

Indeed, which reminds me Brandonshire’s made a Sha’ir class here:


which involves contracting genlings for spells.