Has the hardcopy ACKs shipped yet?


ACKS came into Leisure Games, UK, and I decided to wait a few days on buying it until the new DCC RPG module also came in (save on postage). Well the latter came in, but now ACKS is sold out! Doh!

The book hasn’t shown up on Games Lore UK or FanBoy3 yet, so now I have to wait again. How is supply to the international distributors? Is it limited or are they just not that interested in stocking copies (I suppose it’s for them to comment on)? Wishful thinking here, but is the first printing close to being sold out leading to a second printing with errata included?

We chose Game Salute over other distributor partners in part because they could help keep stores restocked, so I'll let them know that Leisure Games is a venue for repeat business!

It won't be until next month that we have a good picture of how many sales have happened through stores; that'd be the major determinant of a second printing.

Thanks. IF you do a second printing, will it be errata-fied?


I noticed Leisure Games was out of stock as I’d been thinking about buying the hard copy as well.



Yes, for sure.