Has the hardcopy ACKs shipped yet?

Has the hardcopy of the core rules shipped yet?

If it has, I’ve not recieved for my two copies.

~ Chris McNeil - Visionary

I was just wondering this same thing. :slight_smile:

They will go out this week - Game Salute is putting together the various pieces (hardback books, softcovers, Player’s Companion pre-releases that we signed at Gary Con) which have been arriving at their warehouse separately, and will then send them out all at once.

Great! Thanks for the prompt response.

If I buy a hardcover at gamesalute, when will it ship. The site says “available in early April”.

Will these be sold only through Game Salute or are you distributing more widely (e.g., to the UK)?

There are some Game Salute stores in the UK - check the locator at http://gamesalute.com/home/gamestorelocator/ - and you can ask your favorite shop anywhere in the world to pick them up by signing up to be a Game Salute store via http://gamesalute.com/home/selectstores.

I got mine last night (Jersey City, NJ, USA).

Thanks for that info. Looks good, as Leisure Games and GamesLore are both Game Salute stores and the two online sources I usually buy from.

Just got email notification from Gamesalute that mine is shipping today! Woot!

Mine arrived today here in New Zealand :slight_smile:

Mine arrived in L.A. yesterday.

Just got mine. [Boise, Idaho] Arrived safe and sound, looks great.

I’m upstate NY and got it on Tuesday. And the Player’s Companion con booklet.

Hey all,

I am in germany and just received my Core book from the original Kickstarter. I am wondering when these where sent so I can guess when the Players companion will arrive? I want to start a campaign but not before I have the Companion.

Have they even finished the Players Companion yet? I was asking the other day what the most recent version of the .doc was as the copy I have from kickstarter seems like it’s probably somewhat old.

I’m in Chapel Hill, right next to Durham (so Hi!). Seems like Gamers Armory over in Cary is the only Gamesaluter around. Do you folks have any other arrangements with any of the Durham FLGS?

Leisure Games and Games Lore are also both Game Salute distributors in the UK. However, no sign of the book yet. :frowning: Maybe next week.

The Player's Companion is not done, yet, no! But it will be finished soon.

I'm hoping that both Game Theory and Sci Fi Genre will carry Adventurer Conqueror King... Those are the two game stores I shop at in the Raleigh-Durham area.

I just got my softcover in the mail today! Thanks for all your hard work guys.