Heal effectiveness and Mortal Wounds

Sorry for the double threads but something else popped up when researching stuff for the start of a upcoming game. How does heal specialization for magical casters work for Mortal Wounds. For example: A Wizard wants to recreate his cleric friends spell to heal others, because he is a kind person. He spends the money to recreate Cure Serious Wounds. Only its a 6th level spell for the wizard!

Does that mean his 6th level, which does the same as the clerics 4th, is more effective for mortal wounds healing even thouh they would do the same thing? Reverse it, some new caster class that uses the Axioms issue to create something with a .75 super healer. Does that mean its 4th level spell which is the same as someone else's 5th level spell is worse for mortal wounds?


Oh, I see the issue. Yeah. Heal is defined by the level of the spell, rather than by the effectiveness of the spell, so researching the same spell for the "wrong" class makes it higher level and therefore better at saving lives... 

This doesn't feel like a big problem to me. Yes, Wizard Cure Serious is very slightly better than Cleric Cure Serious, but Wizard nth level healing spell is still *much* worse than Cleric nth level healing spell.

(Okay, Clerics can't get a +6 on a heal check without ritual magic, but still).

When we wrote the Mortal Wounds table, we hadn't yet designed the PC spell system. As such the concept of a source modifier didn't exist.

I would say that the impact on Mortal Wounds table should be based on the spell's level under a standard Source Modifier of 1.0. 

You could write this into the spell description - "Although a 6th level arcane spell, this spell only counts as 4th level for purposes of mortal wounds healing". (or whatever)


Now that we have the PC rules we could just make "+X on a mortal wounds roll" part of the spell if we wanted, possibly separable from the damage healed (much like some spells can cause mortal wounds rolls without damage).

I really like this idea and will ask the DM about it. I also like the idea of someone making a spell of simply +6 to mortal wounds check for like a third level spell. A spell made simply to stabilize a person.