Healing in D@W

Are there any plans for rules (or are there existing rules that I have overlooked) concerning the application of medical resources (either divine or mundane) to the wounded after a fight (or during a fight) to reduce casualties and fatalities? While the numbers of wounded involved might make it unlikely to make significant impact with the numbers involved, but a staff of healing could do wonders if properly used during and immediately after the battle (should the user not participate in pursuit, and have assistance from a fair-sized work detail to aid him). It might be the difference of a one or more unit hp of soldiers being lightly wounded instead of killed/maimed. I would probably abstract it to some sort of roll with modifiers based on healing resources available and allocated to modify the ratio of heavily wounded/maimed to lightly wounded.

Another possible result of healing is more “retired by wounds” and less “deaths by wounds”, which can have a good effect on moral knowing that you are less likely to die and be thrown in a mass grave/bonfire. Plus, more living prisoners.

What would the effect of a few staffs of healing and a triage team have after a battle?