Hell Wasps?! (Spoilers for Eyrie of the Dread Eye)


Hellwasps expolde on death for ~10.5 fire dmg, have ~9hp, and are not immune to fire.  Are all these things working as intended? Or should they be immune to allied explosions? 

I will ask Courtney Campbell to respond since he created those fiendish beasties!

My sense is that killing one hell wasp with others nearby might create a series of explosions in chain...


I'm the author.

I thought, four people with one to two fifth or seventh level players wouldn't be impressed, by an annoying opponent, with only a few hit dice. Not even if they blew up for a little damage. But if it caused a sequence of explosions? It's super fun for fighter who think having a stupid high armor class is something cool? How fun is it for all 8 wasps in melee combat with you to blow up!

Super fun!

Yeah. The intent was a sharp intake of breath, as the players begin to realize the consequences of their actions, when you begin chain-exploding, rolling for damage. 

And then of course each explosion calls more hell wasps from nearby... 

Yes. To provide a reaslistic danger to a mid to high level party, they have to be faced with situations where "just hitting it" makes the situation worse. 

Thanks for clearing that up.  I was worried about the overwhelming numbers causing disaster for even catious parties; but the hive of 700 "packed together" seems less campaign ending now.