help! High level antagonist needed

Tomorrow the player will come up against a level 12 enemy party, but i havent got the time to prepare a good set of original enemy adventurers. 

So i came here to ask for help, if you have any high level character: will you share with me so that it may try to kill my players or be killed by them?

or if you are bored and want to make a level 9 to 13 acks character.

I think the autarch in Domains at War Battles might be 12th level

Can post one in about 8 hours if that's any use.

Downside is it's using a custom class so I don't know how well it fits your game, but here it is.

Prem, Sajavedran Monk 9, leader of the Lotus Monks.  Wears saffron yellow robes, and his eyes glow golden, betraying his long use of lotus blossoms as a drug.  Prem is technically Lawful, but in the campaign setting of Qelong, he is committed to re-binding the titular demon/mother goddess/river known as Qelong, which would be a good thing except for the part where his plan entails ending the current age and bringing on the next, which is not so good for the inhabitants of this current age.  Responsible for killing all the Sajavedran monks he can reach who do not convert.  Otherwise reasonable and happy to talk with PCs over tea*, which he is happy to drink first; he is committed to his ultimate goal, but not otherwise a rampaging monster.  I suppose pick some other arbitrary mission or goal for him in your campaign.

Spells as a 9th level Cleric (sticks to snakes a specialty, to the point of providing his own sticks).  Additionally, cast light once per hour, clairvoyance once per day, and confusion once per week.

Str 14 (+1) Int 14 (+1) Wis 18 (+3) Dex 16 (+2) Con 16 (+2) Cha 14 (+1)  (Yes, these are sweetheart stats; re-roll if that's a concern.)

AC 6, Hit Points 54, Initiative +3, Base Attack 6+

Staff 4+, 1d6+2

Saves:  Petrif. 7+, Poison/Death 4+, Blast/Breath 10+, Staffs/Wands 7+, Spells 9+ 

Proficiencies, some from class abilities, include:  Diplomacy, Theology, Divine Blessing, Swashbuckling, Graceful Fighting, Combat Reflexes, Unflappable Casting.

Special:  over and above class abilities and spells, Prem has mastered the art of bi-location at will.  Treat as teleport, but remaining present in the originating location.  But it's not a clone either, it's one single Prem physically present in two locations.  Yes, sometimes it does look funny on one end if you don't know what's going on.  He still finds it quite useful.  He can end this effect as a spell with a one round casting time.  (This is a setting thing I didn't bother buying as ACKS-legal, but treat as an additional * for xp purposes.)

Prem is accompanied personally in his temple by one 7th level, two 5th level, and four 3rd level monks.  If undertaking errands outside his own temple, he is likely actually bi-locating already, and accompanied by some other mix of monks and mercenary bodyguards.

*Oh yeah, tea.  Lotus tea boosts healing, both natural and magical.  On a failed save versus magic, it also imparts a feeling of goodwill and brotherhood towards other lotus users present (which always includes any Lotus monks), preventing any attack against them.

Thank you! it will be usefull!

And to get away from those god-like stats, here's something random from Autarch's character builder.

Argun the Kin-Slayer, Dwarven Vaultguard 9.  A stocky dwarf who shaves his beard to keep it from catching in his spiked armor and rides a giant boar into battle.

Str 18 (+3) Int 9 Wis 8 (-1) Dex 9 Con 12 Cha 8 (-1)

AC 7 (plate armor plus shield), Hit Points 48, Base Attack 5+

Longsword 1+,    1d6+8  Short Bow 4+, 1d6+5      When mounted, Lance 2+, 1d10+7 (doubled in charge)

Saves: Petrif. 6+, Poison/Death 5+, Blast/Breath 8+, Staffs/Wands 7+, Spells 8+

Proficiencies: Riding (Boars), Animal Husbandry, Manual of Arms, Berserkrgang, Weapon Focus (swords and daggers), Blind Fighting, Caving

Bears a Ring of Animal Command, a Rod of Cancellation, a short bow +1, and a magic/cursed longsword.  This sword is normally +1, +2 against the wielder's own race, and +3 against the wielder's own kin and loved ones.  Once wielded in battle, it's bearer is fated to turn it on his own closest companions.  At a meta-game level, if a PC bears the weapon and ever says anything, in or out of character, to the effect of being brothers in arms with another character, being friends to the end, or trusting another character completely, the bearer must save or immediately attempt to slay the character he was speaking of or to.  The bearer will not part with the weapon, and will not realize the stakes of the save until the first time he fails it.

Treasure type Jx2 -magic is left as an exercise for the reader.  Argun's giant boar mount is the only survivor of a long string of doomed mounts worthy of a player character, and has an above-average roll of 35 hit points.

I like that cursed sword

A PC has one now in my Qelong game.  The player wanted to buy a magic sword, and the whole group considers book prices as high, but after checking a Class II market for some time he was able to buy one for 5000 gold from a warrior who was selling it in despair, after having slain his own brother with it.  Player verified it was magic, thought a moment, bought it, and named it "Kinslayer" without any further prompting.  One of my proudest moments actually, but I kept a poker face.

It hasn't triggered yet, and indeed it may never, it may just stay a +1/+2 sword.  But if it does trigger it's going to be a problem, because the PC is a fighter with berserkrgang and one of the higher level characters from always being there for the game.

I love when that sort of thing happen naturally