Help me understand time measurements

I need clarification on the differences between rounds and turns. I understand that rounds are 10 seconds long and turns are generally 10 minutes. I also understand that rounds are an ‘in combat’ measure while turns are used for out of combat actions.

Once combat ends are the 2 terms not interchangeable? Rounds not being measured outside of combat means time is measured in turns only? I’m not trying to say that casting a spell takes 10 minutes to do outside of combat and 10 seconds while in combat. I am saying that turns are abstract and don’t have a specific duration.

For example, the Mortal Wounds table has results that require the wounded to be healed within 1 round, 1 turn or 1 day. If a combat ends and someone needs healed in one round, he healer gets one shot and that is that. Right? What happens with someone who needs healed in 1 turn? Does that person have 60 attempts at healing, comfrey or spells to get to 1 hp?

I tried to search for a related post concerning this but couldn’t find one.

Nope: the healer has 1 attempt to heal the patient and this attempt must be made within 60 rounds…

Generally you could do exploring in rounds, too but most of the time this is too fiddly…

That’s not how I do it. If you have 1 Turn to get someone to 1 HP, then you have 1 Turn to do it. Anything you could accomplish within 1 Turn (10 minutes) is fully acceptable (this includes casting healing spells, using Healing proficiency, etc.) so long as it seems to fit reasonably within that 1 Turn.

The way I see it, needing healing within 1 round means you need to be healed RIGHT NOW by whoever is nearby and capable. Healing within 1 turn means you can only heal someone with current available tools readily available in the dungeon (or wherever you are). Healing within 1 day means you can potentially ride to a settlement and have an NPC help or buy supplies.

I see rounds and turns as abstract units that represent a measurement of time (10 seconds and 10 minutes). Typically, rounds are used in combat because we “zoom in” during combat. But, I also use rounds while exploring if need be (someone falls off a cliff and needs to be healed within 1 round, for example) to “zoom in” on the action.

But, I’m interested to hear how everyone else uses Rounds and Turns, especially to see how the designers intended and play it.

I think i explained it the wrong way, too clarify: i meant that you can only attempt 1 healing attempt (via proficiency) on the patient and this attempt must be made within 60 rounds. You cannot make 60 healing proficiency throws…You can can certainly apply a potion and/or a cure spells within 60 rounds in addition to one healing proficiency throw. So any one successful healing action (prof., spell, or whatever) applied within 1 turn is sufficient.

Oh, I got yah. Yes, the Healing throw is 1/day for each person I believe.

What I’m talking about is a person with Healing x3 doing Cure Serious Wounds throw + Potion of Healing + Cure Light Wounds spell within 1 Turn to bring that character to 1 hit point. And, I normally allow that.

But if someone needs healed within 1 round then you only get the Healing throw OR the potion OR the Cure spell but not all of the above. Right?


Unless you have three person to help the patient: one who uses healing prof., one who forces the potion and one who casts the spell. All three in the same round. The poor patient probably dies because of so much healing and vitality flowing through his veins in such a short time… :wink:

Yes. That’s how I run it. If they need 1 HP within 1 Round, they need it RIGHT NOW - meaning, they need someone nearby and with available healing of some sort. And, they need something powerful enough to get them to 1 HP if they are super low.

For example, if someone is at -8 HP and they need healing to 1 HP within 1 Round, and the only thing available is a Cure Light Wounds, and no one else is close enough to get to them, the max a CLW can do is 7 HP, so they will die.

We’ve had that happen a couple times, but we’ve also had the “1 HP within 1 Turn” cause deaths too. Especially when you’re low on resources, exhausted all your spells, used up your Healing throws, etc… There is no time to get someone back to town or to a nearby healer, so you’re basically screwed.

Of course, there’s always Restore Life & Limb. :wink: