Help with pricing a few unusual items

I have a few custom items that I’m trying to price, just in case the party wants to sell them and collect the gp/xp.

Bracers of Might [STR +2 (max: 18), may punch for 1d4 dmg, Dungeon Bashing proficiency] – this is a less powerful variant of Gauntlets of Ogre Power, which are normally priced at 50,000gp.

“Stars of the North” [short book containing various sky maps of the constellations - +1 to Navigation rolls in the immediate campaign region] – I have no idea how to price a +1 to a Proficiency roll

Thanks in advance, gentlemen and ladies.

Answering the second one first:

A spell that grants a proficiency, range touch, 6 turns duration, cancelable at will, arcane comes out to 15.6 points or 2nd level. Making a magic item that has this permanently active would have a base cost of 50,000 gp (500 * 2 * 50 for a permanent item with unlimited use). A proficiency stacked a second time gives you +4 to the roll. +1 being 1/4th of 4 (thank you, Captain Obvious), it seems reasonable to me to have the item cost roughly 1/4th as much, or 12,500 gp base price.

First one! The tables don’t have the numbers to straight make a spell for it. Eyeballing it, though, it’s a weaker version of Ogre Power, a 2nd level spell; let’s call it a first level spell. A continuous effect of a 1st level spell has a base price of 25,000 gp.

Can’t edit posts! I am not an Autarch and this is just me doing math while tired.

If you want to be particularly cheap, you can say the map allows you to use it once every hour, which with a duration of 6 turns is essentially constant. This would reduce the cost to 32% of the unlimited use. I’d say that only makes sense for a magic item that you’re going to have to “use” in the mundane way anyway, for the gauntlets I would say unlimited use is the more sensible costing.

If it’s not a magic book, then I’d say it’d be driven by mortal economics. A “Rare Book” is worth 150 GP if found as treasure. If this book wasn’t particularly rare, I’d make it cost less.

I did some more research. I think I should price the Navigation book like similar items, which can be bought as equipment. For example, a Holy Book that grants +1 to Theology rolls has a cost of 20 gold. Or, a Superior Instrument for 50 gold, which grants a +1 to Performance rolls. I can adjust for rarity as Susan suggested, but I don’t see it going for much more than 50gp.

Thanks for the help, everyone. :slight_smile: