Henchman proficiencies

I am writing a henchman generating script in Python. As a first stage it will generate level 0 henchman. Later I will add higher-level adventurers.

I want to generated proficiencies for these henchmen. The thing is this: level 1 adventurers start the game with Adventuring 1 general proficiency + 1 class proficiency. Regular level 0 Normal Men start their career with 4 general proficiencies. Starting level 0 henchmen are technically Normal Men, but can level up and become adventurers.

So do they start with 4 proficiencies as level 0 Normal Men and then gain Adventuring (and a class proficiency?) at level 1?

I recall reading in the past about how to handle this but can't find the rules in the core book.

Page 115, “0th level characters and experience from adventuring”

Thanks! I knew this existed but couldn't find the page neither by teh index nor by PDF search.