Henchmen and their Phat Loots

What do Henchpeople do with their share of treasure? I ask this because I sort of assume that PCs are responsible for their gear, their room and board, and pretty much everything while they are employed by said PC. So…do they just wench and wine their money away while the PC covers everything else, or do they need to keep track of food and rent seperately? Do they buy their own equipment upgrades (I’d assume they wouldn’t… but what if the PCs skimp on them?).

Basically, I’ve been treating it that they have to be taken care of entirely by the PCs and their money essentially ‘disappears’ once they are paid (and can spend it/put it in a bank). This seems like the easiest thing to do and keeps me from needing a spread sheet for every retainers monthly incomings and outgoings.

But is this what was intended?

Where’s your henchman’s money?

  1. Sent it home to wifey
  2. Spent it on hookers and blow
  3. Buried it under the gnarled oak
  4. Donated it to some crazy cult
  5. Bought a fancy hat (which he will wear on the next adventure)
  6. Bought useful equipment

You said it precisely: Henchmen have to be taken care of entirely by the PCs. Their money essentially ‘disappears’ once they are paid.

I like to joke that the henchmen spend their money on their Reserve XP fund so that when they die they can return as higher level henchmen. :wink:

Actually had a PC in my last Traveller game send most of his share home to the wife… The joy of systems where “wife” is a thing that happens to you during character generation :P.

I also like the crazy hat idea.