Henchmen Earnings Question

Hello all,
I have a question about the 15% that henchmen receive from their employer’s treasure per adventure. What exactly happens to this money if the employer is already paying monthly upkeep for them? Can the employer have the henchmen purchase new equipment with this money or is it dependent on the employer to buy all new equipment for them? I’m asking because right now I’ve got two henchmen that are getting to be third level and buying all of their equipment is getting sort of expensive.
Any help here would be appreciated.

The short answer is “it vanishes”.
The long answer is that the henchmen are assumed to spend it on things that are of personal interest to themselves, but not useful to their employer. It might be on carousing, collecting fine pottery, having their eyebrows waxed, etc. One might tongue-in-cheek suggest that they put it into their Henchmen Reserve XP fund so that when they die they come back as a higher-level henchman… :smiley:
In any event, if the PC only pays 15% of treasure, then he is responsible for all the expenses of his henchman, including equipment, weapons, and so on. On the other hand if the PC provides for a higher income, it’s reasonable to allow the extra money to be spent on game purposes. For example, if the PC gives the henchmen “1,000gp per month for equipment and supplies” (or real property worth that amount, etc.) then the henchmen will spend that on equipment.

Cool, not the answer I was hoping for mind you but useful all the same. :smiley:
Thanks for your time Alex