Hex Grid Overlay for Google Earth

I created a transparent hex grid overlay for Google Earth. The hexes should be sized to 6 mi, but your results may differ on other parts of the globe. The overlay should tile with itself, so if you need to cover a bigger area, just copy it as many times as you need.

The Google Earth File can be found here:

The file will preview in Google Maps in your browser, but you’ll want to download the file and open it in Google Earth in order to modify/move the grid.

The preview looks awesome, but I don't know how to open it in Google Earth. Help please!

So, assuming you downloaded the .kmz file and have Google Earth installed, you should just have to click/double click on the file and it should open Google Earth. Otherwise, I think File/Open from the Google Earth program should allow you to open the .kmz file.

As for editing it, you have to right click the overlay under “Places” and select properties. This will allow you to move the overlay (by clicking and dragging the center cross). You can add more by copying and pasting within “Places” and then simply drag those where you want them.

Got it! The trick I was missing is that when I click on the link, it takes me to the preview using Google Maps. Using File > Download or ctrl-S will then save it to my computer as a .kmz file. Just right-clicking on the link and choosing "save target as" downloads it as a .htm file, which doesn't work.

I will now go hexify places!

Exactly how big a six-mile hex is in degrees will vary by latitude, but since this is based around about 43 degrees, I believe it’s going to be pretty close for anything except the Arctic and the tropics.

Actually, Tavis, I wonder if I should ask if anybody else is interested in collaborating to hexify the world, or at least Europe. Perhaps we could split some of the effort.

At this point I’ve finished the Baleares, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Malta, the Italian penninsula south of Parma, a significant portion of southern Burgundy, Provence, Septimania, Aquitaine, Vasconia, Navarre, Asturias, Leon, and Galicia. My obvious next goal is to finish Aquitaine, the Iberian, and ultimately the rest of France.

Well, actually Google Earth crashed on me and lost a bunch of areas I had tiled, so I got angry, decided to create something crazy and broke Google Earth a few times before I managed it, but I created a bigger grid of hexes and have actually finished most of Europe. It is available here: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B7umrUK9-6-MWnpLR2ZSU2VjV1U

Or, since Google insists on trying to open that in Maps and then typically fails, try this version where I put it in a .rar file so Google would stop trying to be silly.


Hi Apep - this overlay is awesome! Thanks for sharing.  I got it working in google earth, but the new Google "My Maps" does not seem to like it. Have you tried that yet? Seems like Google is moving more towards that as their go to mapping tool, as it is integrated with Drive. Anyway, if you figure out how to make it work in there please let me know.


--- Ken

I took the original poster's (Apep) grid overlay and have expanded it to cover a good deal more of Europe.

If you have any problems with my file let me know.





Veeeery nice. Googlemaps has a map of Mars too, you know. Barsoom, anyone?

      Thank you very much, this is exactly what I needed. I'm making a PvP tabletop RPG which takes place on earth 32 years after a wizard war. Humanity has left the earth and banned wizards to always live on the earth. However over the past few years a dark presance has slowly enveloped the earth hiding it from most of Humanity and drawing the wizards into another war. The maps that the game takes place on is real world maps of wherever the players are when they challange eachother.