Hex Paper

Let me open with saying that I know about the hex map blanks in the Downloads section. (Thank the gods -that’s- back up.) My question is does anyone know where I could source hex paper appropriate for doing regional mapping on but larger? Basically what I’d like is the same stuff that is up in the Downloads section but with enough squares on it so that it could be printed on a larger sheet of paper, ideally A3 or A2 sized.

I do know about the various websites that lets you make a pdf file or whatever and print it out yourself or have it printed but those hexes aren’t numbered which makes writing up a key slightly more difficult.

You could check out www.squarehex.co.uk

They do hex pads up to A3 but a quick check only shows numbered hex pads of up to A4 but you may find something you can use.

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So over at Bat in the Attic Rob Conley has 17"x22" sheet of hex paper set up to be printed out at 300dpi. It’s numbered with 53 hex columns and 34 hex rows.

There’s also this:


which allows you to customize the whole process. I used it to make something I plan to print on 11x17 (more-or-less A3)

Well, huh. That is pretty much exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thanks koewn.