HFH-ing My Auran

Some of these questions may sound a little odd and/or incoherent. Please bear with the method of my madness.

I'm using mainly the Heroic Fantasy Handbook for my Auran. But I'm also including most classes in the core & PC.


1. In HFH, it says the judge may allow humans to take the Nobiran Wizard, but strip the Nobiran racial traits, et cetera. I don't know yet if I am going to allow humans to become Wizards, but if I do, would the pre-requisites for the Nobiran Wizard as a human Wizard remain the same? It mentions the Axioms Wizard too, I don't know if it has pre-requisites.

2. In the CORE, CAMPAIGN, AND RACIAL CLASS MODIFICATIONS section in HFH, when it lists converting core & PC divine spellcasters, it states things such as, convert as follows "Bladedancers follow the liturgical or runic tradition (Judge’s choice)." How is this disjunct operating? Is it entirely appropriate to have a class where the class is tradition x in some cases, but tradition y in other cases, depending on the region/culture/gods? Would it be problematic if instead of "judge's choice," I make it "player's choice/judge's discretion"?

3. I'm also trying to cosolidate all the classes in the game, but I like having as many classes available if there can be a good rhyme or reason as to why it exists. For example, I see redundancy with Bladedancers & Warmistresses. Yet, for some reason each gives me a bit of a different vibe, namely, Warmistresses seeming (to me) a bit more primal/pagan (more sword-and-sorcery-ish) than Bladedancers. Would it be appropriate if I had them both? For example, Bladedancers hailing from more civilized regions, whereas, Warmistresses would be more barbarian-esque?






1. Technically nobirans are the ones who need 11 in everything, but you could potentially leave the requirement if you wanted non-ceremonial casting in humans to still be rare.

2. It really just comes down to who is doing the heavy lifting of lore for the world.  If you make a regiion full of runic tradition bladedancers and the player makes a bladedancer from that region, they should probably be from that region, or if you're the type who lets players add some of their own details they could make up the region where bladedancers are liturgical.

3.  I think the divide you're proposing is totally reasonable.  There is also a fair bit of overlap between bladedancers and warmistresses, much in the way that fighters overlap with barbarians.  Apparently it was very common in the first ACKs campaigns for a bladedancer to mostly just cast swift sword and striking on themselves and then carve up the battlefield.  The warmistress takes the divine component out but preserves that use-case.  The HFH wouldn't have been complete without an homage to Red Sonja, which the warmistress leans into a little more than the bladedancer.

Edit: I just finally realized Warmistresses aren't spellcasters, thus, I feel I was quite mistaken by saying there was significant overlap between the Bladedancer and Warmistress (at least, by my standards).

Thanks for your insights.

Your assessment of the Bladedancer as more "civilized" than the Warmistress is definitely applicable. In the Auran Empire setting (for example), a Warmistress could exist in Rorn or Jutland, while a Bladedancer would be more likely to be Auran or Kemeshi. Jard is absolutely correct - I wanted to offer a Red Sonja / Belit / Valeria inspired class that mimicked the gameplay that my players enjoyed with Bladedancer but that was more suitable for a low-magic world.