Hire Reaction Penalty Duration and Mercenaries

If my cleric bombs his reaction roll to hire a henchman, that henchman badmouths him to the town, and he gets a -1 on further reaction rolls in that town.

Is that forever? For the month?

If this happens several times in a row, do the penalties stack?

Also, when hiring a handful of Light Infantry, do you roll reaction rolls for each man, or do you hire them as a unit? The prices for Light Infantry seem pretty standard, and if you had to track every up-sale to every reluctant footman in a batch of 17, it seems like it would become unwieldy.


Ludanto -

1) It's for the month. If the PCs engage in particularly egregious behavior (constantly getting everyone they hire killed), though, feel free to extend the penalty in time and severity!

2) If it happens several times in a row (in the same month) it stacks.

3) It's contextual. If you're recruiting individuals then you'd roll individually. In most cases, though, mercenaries are recruited as groups, and so you'd roll for the group. We make this explicit in D@W.