Hireling 15% minimum

I’ve noticed that it’s not really likely to have your full amount of retainers(assuming 18 cha)…or at least you will be paying them out of pocket since their minimum requirement is 105% of your share! Was this intended?

No, that’s not what was intended.
Here’s how it is intended to work. 4 adventurers, each with 2 henchmen, go on an adventure. They bring back 10,400gp.
The shares work out as follows:
1x+.15x+.15x + 1x+.15x+.15x + 1x+.15x+.15x + 1x+.15x+.15x= 5.2x = 10,400
x = 10,400/5.2 = 2,000. So a share (x) is worth 2,000gp. Each PC receives 1x, or 2,000gp. Each henchmen receives .15x, or 300gp.
Each of the henchman thus receives a share worth 15% of the employer’s income. But the employer isn’t going broke because of it. The idea is basically that for treasure purposes henchmen get a 15% share.

I should not let my players read this. Their henchmen demand a half-share of treasure.

Hah! If your players treat their henchmen the way my players treat their henchmen, a half-share might be entirely appropriate!

Ah…ok, we thought that the Henchmen got a share of their employer’s treasure… The idea being, why would bob, who didn’t hire anyone, agree to have any money cut out of his share?
If a party is working together better, however, that makes more sense.

I assure you we mourn each and every one of our henchmen that fell in battle alongside us. Every new henchman gets a set of equipment to better guard his valuable life; that the equipment was previously worn by their predecessor is beside the point. Do you know how much all that stuff costs? And you get to keep it! See, we’re already paying you!
Also, we’re called “The Bloody Band” because of our blood-red cloaks, and for no other reason.

Holy shit. We’ve been doing this WAY wrong. :confused:

on page 50 it says "HENCHMEN
Henchmen should be rolled up with ability scores, classes, hit
points, and equipment, just like player characters.
on page 115 it says "A 0th level character who participates in an adventure will earn
experience points. When a 0th level character earns 100XP
from adventuring, he advances to become a 1st level fighter
so im guessing that the part on page 50 is for creating henchmen of level one or more?

So, a slightly related question. Lets say I have 3 henchmen, but I, not expecting trouble go on a trip and take just 1 of them along. During that trip, I end up getting some loot (with the help of that henchman). Do all three henchmen get a share, or just the one?

no, knitting socks and cleaning the house does not earn a a henchman XP :wink: just the one you take with you earns a share

yes and no - even a 0-level henchman should have ability scores, hit points, and equipment. he just doesn’t have a class, yet.