Hireling Templates

Does anyone else think it would be handy to have a set of templates for 0th level humans (and maybe other races)? Mostly to spice up hirelings, but I imagine there could be other uses. Maybe substitute silver for gold to determine equipment, hunters and farmers in the 9-10 and 11-12 slots, etc.

The Meatshields generator is lots of fun - http://www.barrowmaze.com/meatshields.

I've been thinking about hireling packages as part of the monthly lifestyle expenditures, in part because I've been reading a lot of Bertie and Jeeves stories recently, in part because I like the Arturian thing where the knights arrive and their squires and followers set up a dozen pavilions for their retinue to sleep in. These would be priced at whatever fraction of the monthly upkeep seems right to go to salaries instead of rent, supplies, etc. It'd simplify the process of getting a retinue - you'd just say "here's 1,000 gp, I want a carousing crew" and then look up that this would include a reciter, a spy, a physician, ten ruffians, etc.

It might also have some rules modeled on Domains at War for how commanding a big retinue like this would let you deal with social situations on a more abstract level of efficiency, the same way that commanding a unit of soldiers lets you deal with orc lairs more abstractly and efficiently.

That sounds like a cool idea. :slight_smile: