I got my tee shirt and autographed softcover book in the mail today, I’m eagerly looking forward to the rest of the swag. There was a mysterious sticky note inside my book that said “Brardi/Dwarven Vaultguard/Vaultlord of Azen Radokh.”
I previously tried reading the rules on the computer but I really do dislike doing a lot of reading off a screen, it will be good to finally flip through a physical book. Am I to take it that a future printing of the book will feature illustrations? Silly nitpick, but if a future printing is being put together I’d like a space between my first and last name in the credits like the other contributors!

Sorry about the mistake on your name. We’ll make sure its Cain Gillespie in the next printing.

I too had a mysterious sticky note…is there a significance to it?

Maybe we each got one of the books used by people who were playing at GenCon. Once other people get theirs, we should figure out if someone has the sticky note with the character we made for it (I made a character but did not attend).

Me as well …would be neat to hear you got my character and what they did with him.

The mysterious sticky notes were fun but confusing. I got Zeodare the Bladedancer while Artus received Korak the Explorer, and our first thoughts were, “But these weren’t the characters we submitted!”

Veketshian, I made a character, Korax the expolorer, mebbe you got a sticky to do with one of the characters I submitted.

We made post-it notes for each of the characters, forces, NPCs, etc. in the Gen Con game, pasted them on the big laminate map to track who was where, and then thought it would be fun to stick them in the books. Unfortunately the further thought that I should give people the sticky for their own PC came later, when it was too late!

It will probably be more fun to see who got what.

I recieved Asharab the Thief Retainer of Peristo