[House Rules] New Class-Nightmasks

The following is a new class I made up, the Nightmasks. They are a sort of assassin/priest style class.


Very cool!

Reminds me of a clerical group I made for another campaign for the god of festivals and freedom. They were a bunch of PLUR party people until some jerk ruined the (as in, the) party (like, life, man), then they basically put on masks and put those poi and knife-throwing skills to work assassinating the responsible tyrants and evil-doers.

I was imagining a bunch of masked, sometimes-vindictive Dudes from the Big Lebowski. (This aggression will not stand, man.)

Have you seen the movie M? I watched it recently, and your cleric reminds me of the “beggar’s union” or the “corporation of thieves” idea. They could be a part of a(n) (under)world like that.

It seems like the Nightmasks would fill a role of “hero of the people” in a way that a more aristocratic and straight-laced paladin-type would not, and I like that a lot. :slight_smile:

Awesome, glad you like it! Not heard of M I’ll have to check it out.
I’ve tried to make them interesting and playable. Their Chaotic ethos is definitely one that would appeal to our more modern sensibilities and get the back up on any hide bound Lawfuls in their party.

I mean they can be dark avenger as well as party people. I really like the idea of a dark Lebowski! :wink: