How far can potions go?

What are the limits of spells that you can put on potions? For example, could you put a custom built teleportation spell into a potion (likely to a set point) and have it work?

This comment is relevant;

(It has a clarification later in the thread).

I’m not sure what the 4th point about not being able to record a new spell on a potion means, though; perhaps that the spell has to be created in the spell design system first, you can’t just make a potion of it without putting in the work to invent the spell?

So the answer to your example question, as far as I can tell, is yes. A custom spell that teleports a single target to a set point would work fine as a potion.

Hmm, would you have to research Teleport to Steve's House, or would you drink the potion and then go wherever you wanted? 

A Potion of Polymorph (Self) allows the drinker to choose their new form, so I think an appropriately designed and targeted spell could teleport the drinker to anywhere of their choice.

(Not an Autarch still!)

I think the potion creator should be able to make a potion either with a set effect determined by the creator or letting the imbiber choose the effect. There are of possibilities (effecting the equivalent of a trap or curse, etc.) with the first option.

Cool. I was initially planning to make one use magic items that teleported a person back to a 'safe house' for emergencies, but unfortunately you don't get access to creating even the most basic magic items until level 9 :(

Current plan is to make a custom teleportation spell. Unfortunately until level 7 I can't make it a level 3 spell (spell points put it at 32ish), so I may just have to make a watered down version (range only 100miles as opposed to anywhere on the same plane).

Man, now I want Morrowind-style Mark and Recall in ACKS.

To be fair, assuming you can create them as level 3 spells, you can simply have multiple spells that are set to different locations around the world (you can either have them memorised or create multiple scrolls for transport)

With regards to creation, is it possible for an Arcane caster to create a potion that is based on a Divine spell (Assuming you had the formula/sample)? So for example, could a Mage create a Potion of Find Traps?

Pending DM approval, they could research and invent Arcane Create Traps, which might cost more, and then make a potion of that!

I’m not aware of any rule that prevents a caster (of any type) from making a potion backed up by a spell that isn’t on their spell list.

Mages can make healing potions; a formula or sample explicitly allows you to create magic items without needing to know the spell.

I'm going to argue that a potion maker ought to be restricted by his spell list. Part of what a spell list does is set the level of each spell. Dispel Magic for clerics is a 4th level spell, while it is only 3rd level for a mage. If the spell list does not matter then should the cleric be able to create a Dispel Magic potion as if it's a 3rd level spell? I'm thinking the answer should be no. If spell list does not matter then shouldn't every spell be able to be created at it's lowest possible level? If that's the case then we might have to try to apply the custom spell rules from the Player's Companion to all the spells to find what their lowest possible level could be for making a potion as I believe there are some spells that aren't listed on any spell list at their absolute minimal level. 

My ruling would be in general that when using a formula or sample, you calculate things as if it was being cast by the person who created the formula or sample.

So a cleric making a dispel magic potion without a formula or sample calculates it as a 4th level spell. If they have a formula or sample from a mage, then they can use their design, which only requires that a third level spell be powered.

Yes, this is a little odd at times, but I find the alternative odder; it doesn’t matter whether or not you know the spell, except if it does matter? Especially since you could research the spell, then not add it to your repertoire, and now it’s on your spell list despite you not knowing it.

One reasonable compromise between our positions might be to modify the formula based on the source factors of your magic type. Cure Light Wounds is a 1st level spell (10 points), mages have x1.5 healing, so it would be 15 points (2nd level) for them. But doing that requires altering the formula with more special components and gold.

The only rule restricting what magic items a spellcaster can make, that I'm aware of, is this: A divine caster can only make magic items that they could potentially use themselves, while a mage can make any magic item as long as it's not something that only a divine spellcaster could use.

So I'd say that mages can make healing potions, as long as they have a sample or formula.

This is the official rule. Whether you would like to enforce it or run it differently in your campaign is, of course, up to you as Judge!

One possible "mid-way" ruling would be to say that if you create a potion based on a spell you cannot personally cast, you do so as if an Alchemist.