How Many Noncombatants Can Fit In a Stronghold

So, my players are already talking about trying to shelter the population of Cynidicea in their stronghold to spare them from suffering at the hands of the Zargonian beastmen. The D@W rules show me how to calculate how much the stronghold can store in the way of provisions (way more than they need to feed their troops), and how many soldiers can defend it (way more than they have). Is there a way to calculate how many noncombatants can take shelter there?

I would say that you can more-or-less can shelter as many civilians as you can feed. I am not aware of any historical literature in which peasants or civilians were excluded from a shelter due to space constraints - it's always due to food constraints.

Constantinople needed 30,000 men to defend it and could hold about 500,000 people easily. So the multiplier is at least 15x times the unit capacity.



Cool. Thanks Alex.