How to model an weapon arsenal

Hello. I am Bruno from Terni, Italy. I’d like to know how to model an arsenal of weapons since some of my preferred characters are using fireams, melee weapons and similar, like Punisher, Bullseye, Deadpool, Green Arrow. I am reading the rules and I am tempted to use Power Set but I wanted to hear something from other users.
Many thanks.

A lot depends on what kind of threats your characters are planning to take out with their weapons - ie, what’s the PL or CR of the threats they’re facing?

If you’re going after crooks and street-level threats in Capital City… your best bet is probably just to buy a few SPs of the Wealthy Perk and use the income from that to buy real-world guns (the rulebook has quite a few listed in Chapter 6).

If you need something more though… yes a Power Set is probably a good place to start. The Kickstarter campaign had an article on doing this for a utility belt: Ascendant by Autarch » Let's Build a Utility Belt! — Kickstarter

Because it’s likely to be an expensive Power, a Power Set is also very good for using for Power Stunts, so even if you don’t buy that tear gas grenade launcher as part of the Power Set, you can still use it for only a couple of Hero Points in the game.

Finally, check out the Autarch Discord - there’s a lot more activity there, and you’ll get plenty of help from fellow players.

many thanks for your kind advice !