[HR: Campaign Class] Bear Shaman


This is a substitute for the default cleric for a more swords & sorcery-style campaign setting (sort of not!Hyboria), heavily based off the Bear Shaman from Age of Conan. He's kind of like the shaman but more internal. His totem is inside him rather than being an animal outside.

I might change his spell progression to the Astonishing ACKS Divine 2 progression (which is a bit smoother) but I'll see.

First, I have to say I really like your presentation of the class: a two page class player aid! Only because I like this format so much, to be perfect, I’d add a short descriptive paragraph for the class, plus Build Points and power exchanges (to make confirming the build easy).

I like the class, and the templates are nicely done!

I didn’t verify the powers.

If I’m counting correctly, you could add one more proficiency choice.

I think I’d change “Totem(Bear)” to “Bear’s Spirit”, to avoid confusion with the Totem class feature. Then perhaps Bear’s Courage (or Heart) for 7th level.

The spell list has Bane and Bless*, so you could replace Bane with another spell.