[HR - Class] Ceremonial Class Conversions


I've started work on converting the old Divine classes to use Ceremonial magic. So far I've done Shaman and I'm working on the Priestess (which will be the generic Cloistered Priest). There's a full length one with all the descriptions and a short and snappy one page print off which is ideal for people who know what they're doing.

Any questions, criticism or ideas to update?

That's awesome!


Added Cloistered Priest which is the Ceremonial Priestess. Gonna work on Cleric then Witch.


That's awesome!




Definately going to steal this for a possible Harn game I'm working on.

Added the Ceremonial Witch since someone requested it of me. Bit of a rush job so tell me if there are any problems.

Looks largely the same as how I did it.

When Brew Potions moves to 3rd level, Scribe Scroll must move to 7th level. (balance of class power value; 1 3rd + 1 7th == 2 5th)

Cleaned up some issues in the Shaman and Witch, primarily due to K-Slacker's tireless proofreading. :D