[HR-Class] The Fortune Hunter

Empires rise and fall, civilizations destroy themselves in tragic opulence. Temples are erected, and their gods soon forgotten. Learned sorcerers build massive vaults of knowledge, and suddenly disappear. Ancient, alien creatures leave tantalizing clues about the true nature of the universe behind in cyclopean dungeons.

All these are ripe for exploration and plunder - treasure beyond the dreams of avarice, knowledge never known by mortal.

Here, then, comes the Fortune Hunter, the consummate adventurer, a jack of many trades. Some are lured by the promise of gold, some by ancient secrets, others by the promise of becoming legend themselves.


Thanks for posting this class. It does remind me of some of the interesting 3.5 builds I've seen, and also a little bit of the early AD&D Bard. I have a soft spot for hybrids and would enjoy playing it.


Well thanks.

I noticed that too, and I just checked between this and the ACKS Bard.

Swapping out everything but Loremastery at 1st for Perform, Inspire Courage, and Arcane Dabbling, rename Totems & Fetishes “Fey Secrets”, and then change the Divine and Arcane casting to Druid and Illusionist, and you’d have a decent recreation of some portion of all the early edition bards.

One of these days I’ll finish that Druid thing I was doing - now that I’ve got that incredibly handy Player’s Companion Spell Creation spreadsheet, I may get through it quicker.