[HR] Clerical Orders

“The description of the cleric class in the core rulebook mentions the possibility of a Judge specifying particular religious orders in his campaign. Is there a simple template for such differences? This post takes a closer look at the cleric, bladedancer and shaman classes in search of a template for creating different clerical orders.”


Overall I approve, though I would also allow swapping of fighting 1a for fighting 1b for sneaky clerics like these guys ( http://wanderinggamist.blogspot.com/2012/06/priests-of-assassin-god.html ). Good reverse-engineering work.

While I think this is interesting, I don’t think 3 data points is enough to make any conclusions. Alex already changed the Bladedancer once and I’m pretty sure he said that if he had it to do all over, he would have removed their Turning in exchange for other abilities (and I doubt that that would come with a radically different spell list).

It is not my intent to hinder a Judge but to aid with a quick, on-the-fly even, approach to differing clerics. Potentially useful when a Judge has “countless” gods in the campaign world, like I often do. One could even randomize this approach when simply a “foreign” cleric is needed.

That's awesome! Your analysis is great. That's definitely a handy tool.