[HR]Clockwork/Warforged Race Ability

I’m working on my campaign’s version of warforged and was thinking about their original abilities, specifically the fact that they don’t bleed to death. Wanting to mimic that, I came up with this custom power. What do you think?

• Hard to Kill-As clockworks are not living beings, they are harder to kill than biologicals. Since they do not bleed, they will not die from any result on the Mortal Wound Table that doesn’t result in instant death (so results that say they will die within X amount of time if not healed are ignored). They will instead slip into a coma-like state until they are repaired (if ever). Mechanically, they get a +5 bonus to all rolls on the Mortal Wound Table. However, as their connection to the divine is not as strong, they receive a -5 on all rolls on the Tampering with Mortality table.