[HR] Custom Class: The Cavalier

While browsing through the internet, I saw someone did a conversion of the Cavalier from Unearth Arcana to Labrinth Lord (which can be found here). I decided to convert the class, with some slight modifications, to ACKS. Hope you enjoy it!



Awesome. Thanks for sharing. 

Nice! I like it.

interesting one!

always a fan of cavalier classes. Only thing I might have liked to see is the ability to take their mount as a henchman and therefore level it up so it doesn't get instantly cleaved in higher level fights.

What a great rendition of this class for ACKS. Thanks for sharing it!

Crossbow?! A peasant’s weapon!

Also, a nice mid-level ability between “ride horses” and “ride flying things” might be “ride monstrous land animals like giant boars and mastadons and such”.

you're gonna need one hell of a lance to charge from the back of an elephant.... :-P

Thanks for your comments! I've updated the class slighty thanks to your suggestions, replacing the peasants crossbow with the more fitting warhammer, as well as giving them the ability to take their steed as a henchman.