[HR] Generic saving throws

I just bought the book today, so this hasn’t been play tested in ACKS, but this has been my house rule for Classic for many years. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.
I have re-named the Saving Throw categories simply to make them more generally applicable and easily understood by players. It’s a lot more obvious which save applies in novel situations. I don’t make any changes to the advancement tables, this is simply for the player’s (and my) benefit of understanding. Each save is modified by something, but not always a stat.
Poison/Death - Fortitude (Con) - Pretty much the same as 3e.
Paralysis - Grapple (Str) - For anything you’re trying to bust out of. Like pythons eating you. Still includes fighting off paralysis and petrification.
Breath Weapon - Block (Shield) - For any “Incoming!” you can deflect/block. Like a hail of darts or an explosion. Cover also modifies.
Wands, Staves - Dodge (Dex) - For any incoming attack you can’t block. Like laser beams or falling boulders.
Spell - Mind (Chr) - All attacks to the mind/soul (no difference), from telepathy, to Magic Jar to psionics.