[HR] LotFP Specialists

Something that I have become enamored with in LotFP is the removal of the thief as a class and its replacement with the specialist. In short, the specialist is a Jack of Trades which can be made into a thief if desired, but can also be a sage, engineer, or other character that has a use other than fighting prowess or magical ability.
Pondering about gaming as I do, I have been thinking about importing the concept into ACKS. It seems that, roughly, having a character with 1d4 hp / level, attacks as a cleric, and starting out with 6 proficiencies may be close. The main issues would be the xp chart and saves, I think.
Has anyone else had similar ponderings?

This is actually explicitly covered in the ACKS Player’s Companion! :slight_smile:
Short version: To build a “Jack of all Trades” class just allow the thief to swap out one or more thief skills for proficiencies on a 1 to 1 ratio. If he swaps out a skill he doesn’t get until 4th or 10th level, he’d get the proficiency starting at 4th or 10th level.

Well, there it is!