[HR Monsters] Duergar

I’ve wanted to do an underground city for some time, and I don’t see getting away with an underground city with no Duergar. Thus, I dug out the old 1e MM2 and mashed that together with the dwarf and hobgoblin entry in ACKs to try and get something decent.


Comments are appreciated, in particular there are two things that I did as sort of guesswork that may warrant further consideration. First, I counted the duergar spell-like abilities as (*), which may be too much. Second, I upgraded the per company treasure from D (1000gp avg.) to the next hoarder level H (2500gp avg.). My reasoning is that, as statted, the Duergar are worth a good deal more XP than dwarves and yet I cut out many of the NPCs that would be carrying magic items.

Besides that, you may notice the cheeky comments about Derro, Drow, and Devils. If anyone has ACKsified stats for any of those creatures, It’d save me some effort!

I think I would reduce the standard and champion by 1 * each (to 0 and 1, respectively). The passive immunities the duergar have aren’t as powerful as, e.g., the black pudding’s immunity to cold and normal weapons and the split into two if hit by electricity. I’m not sure that should get a full . The champion would get * for the combination of one spell-like ability per day and +2 damage. The extra damage, use of both spell-like abilities, and morale bonus of the sub-chief are definitely worth a second . The sergeant I’m torn on; I’m not sure the +1 to morale is worth a second . I’d be tempted to make it so that the duergar is 1+2, champion is 2+2, sergeant is 3+2, and sub-chief is 4+2*.

that sounds pretty spot on, although it makes me further question if i shouldn’t reduce the treasure type back down from H to D, or possibly change it to 1/2 H (so avg 1250gp) per company.

I coughed up some Dargar stuff a few months ago for my blog, I don’t know if it will help you at all.


very cool. I’m not big on monsters as PC races, but I’m intrigued by the math being used to flesh out the Dargar racial points.