[HR] Monsters: Sphere of Many Eyes

Somewhat adjusted from BECMI:
Sphere of Many Eyes

Type Fantastic Creature (large)
% in Lair 0%
Dungeon Enc. 1
Wilderness Enc. 0
Alignment Neutral
Movement 30’ (10’) (fly)
AC 9 (body), 7 (eyestalks), 2 (central eye)
HD 11*****
Attacks 1 bite + special
Damage 2d8 + special
Save As Mage 11
Morale +4
Treasure L, N, O
XP 5.000
This hideous monster looks like a large floating ball, about 4’ -5’ in diameter. It is covered with a tough, armor-plated skin. Atop the monster are ten small eyes on stalks, each with its own magical power. A large, central eye is on the front, directly above a toothy moth. A sphere of many eyes moves by means of flight that cannot be dispelled. It is extremely intelligent (INT 16+) and speaks several languages. There is a 5% chance, that the monster is accompanied by 1d6 young [HD: 1*****; range of eye effect 1/10th; bite damage: 1d4; size: small; save as: F1; XP: 25). A sphere of many eyes can only be killed by destroyed its body (HP: 50) – see Attacks below.
Central Eye

The sphere of many eyes’ central eye projects an anti-magic ray which temporarily turns off all magic within 60’ in a 90 degrees arc front of it. Permanent magic items brought into the area of effect are treated as if non-magical as long as they remain in the area, but will function again if they are removed from there. Spells cast within the area fail and have no effect (but still count towards a caster’s daily casting limit). Spells cast or brought into the area cease functioning and their duration immediately ends. Area effect spells cease functioning and their duration immediately ends if part of or all of their effect reaches into the anti-magic area. The monster cannot aim its central eye above or below its body and has to turn to look into another direction, counting as its movement for the round. On its turn, the monster can close or open his central eye to turn off or on the anti-magic effect. The central eye then remains closed/open for the round. Characters can destroy the central eye (HP: 20) – see Attacks below. A destroyed, but not damaged, central eye no longer projects an anti-magic ray.
Eyes Stalks

The sphere of many eyes can use all of its 10 eyestalks at the same time, but no more than four of them can be aimed in one direction at the same time. In addition, the small eyes cannot be used on targets within the central eye’s anti-magic area (as with other magical effects, they do not function there), unless the central eye is closed. Each eye stalk can shoot a ray up to 120’ with a distinct spell-like effect once per round. Characters can destroy eyestalks (HP: 12 each) – see Attacks below. Destroyed, but not damaged, eyestalks can no longer be used but will re-grow within 2d4 days.
Eye Stalks Effect
Eye 01 Charm person
Eye 02 Charm monster
Eye 03 Sleep
Eye 04 Telekinesis
Eye 05 Flesh to stone
Eye 06 Disintegrate
Eye 07 Cause fear
Eye 08 Slow
Eye 09 Cause serious wounds
Eye 10 Death spell
Attacking the Sphere of Many Eyes

A character attacking a sphere of many eyes, makes an attack throw as normal. If his attack hits AC 9 he has hit the body. If he hits AC 8 or 7, he hits an eyestalk (determined randomly by rolling 1d10. If the eyestalk is already destroyed, the attack is a miss). If the character hits AC 2 to 6, the central eye is hit. As an alternative, a character can declare what body part of a sphere of many eyes he tries to attack. Doing so, the character has a -4 penalty to his attack throw (and must also hit the body parts aforementioned AC).

Very nice! I’m throwing this into my campaign immediately. :wink:

Oh my god we’re going to die. Mike you know that the highest player character in your game right now is the 4th level Spellsword, right?
Nice write up, I look foreward to running from it as soon as possible. I do like the notes about trying to hit a specific locaiton on it’s body. AC 9 for the central body does seem sort of high for me. Higher level characters won’t have that much of an issue with it, I don’t think.
Keep’em coming buddy we need more baddies in the game.