[HR] Monsters: Tentacled Rubbish Devourer

Somewhat adjusted from AD&D1:
Tentacled Rubbish Devourer

Type Fantastic creature(medium/large)
% in Lair 0%
Dungeon Enc. 1d2
Wilderness Enc. 0
Alignment Neutral
Movement 20’
AC 7
HD 6* / 8*
Attacks 2 tentales, 1 bite
Damage 1d8 / 1d10, 1d4+1 + disease/ 1d6+1 + disease
Save As Fighter 3 / Fighter 4
Morale +4
Treasure B, F / B, J
XP 570 / 1.100
These crotesque monsters live and thrive in places where dung, rubbish, and filth can be found. They are three-legged creatures with two tentacled arms used to shove piles of rubbish into their large, toothy mouths. His sensory organ stalk is sensitive to bright light and direct sunlight, so that the monster can only be found underground. Some burgomeisters have attempted to put these creatures into the sewer systems of their cities - a big fault, because sooner of later the monsters escape and wreck havoc in town.

the bite of a tentacled rubbish devourer carries a disease (use ACKS’giant rats disease but with 90% chance of contraction).
Never Surprised

the tentacled rubbish devourer is never surprised.
Light Sensitivity

When operating under conditions of bright light, the tentacled rubbish devourer has a -1 penalty to all throws.