[HR] New Class: Atlantean Shadow

One of the other Atlantean classes I had available for our first session was the Atlantean Shadow. It’s the end result of a discussion about replacing all the thief’s skills with spell-like ability custom powers that I started on the forums when the Companion playtest started. Alas, the player who was most interesting in the Shadow opted for an assassin instead. Demihuman level limits are still difficult for them to swallow at this point, but that led to the party being overwhelmingly human, which is good.

Here are the Atlantean classes I have yet to publish. If there is one you are interested in that you would like me to publish next, let me know.

Atlantean Mentalist: A martial artist and magician.
Atlantean Sorcerer: A powerful magic-user.
Atlantean Swordsmage: A wizard-knight.
Atlantean Tycoon: A wizard with business sense.

Interesting. I’ve got something similar I’ve been working on.

Out pf curiosity…what are the attributes you have listed for? The descending Strlength, Con, etc?

Saving throws. I use ability-based saving throws because I find it easier to assign saves on the fly that way. Details are in my house rules post.