[HR] New Class: The Beastlord

“His kinsmen named him a beastlord, but the barbarian prince I met was more lord than beast.”
An elven diplomat on his powwow with Erik Raventhane

I’ve posted my first custom class at http://www.bythisaxe.com/2012/05/beastlord.html

Later, I’ll post the class construction system build information for my beastlord in this forum.

Cool class!

I have a beast god in my campaign world that this class will be a perfect fit with.

Thanks moorcrys!

The build information I said I would post is below. I am still hopeful the community can produce a custom class build work sheet and a catalog of the official class builds. I would help with the latter, although I have no skill for the former.


Hit Dice 1
Fighting 2
Thievery 0
Divine 1
Arcane 0


  1. Eliminate fighter damage bonus(melee or missile) for 1 custom power
  2. Armor from Unrestricted to Broad for 1 custom power
  3. Weapons from Unrestricted to Broad for 1 custom power
  4. Eliminate one fighting style for 1 custom power
  5. Eliminate turn undead for 1 custom power
  6. Of the five powers, exchange one initial power for two at 5 and 9

XP Calculation 500 + 1000 + 600 + 250 = 2350 at 2nd level

Very well done; you’ve managed to create a hybrid class that also evokes its own flavour rather than feeling watered down.

I created some additional totem animals to use with the Player’s Companion shaman or my beastlord at http://www.bythisaxe.com/2012/05/additional-totem-animals.html