[HR] New Class: The Holy Dungeoneer

So I’m running this ACKS campaign through an urban megadungeon (the Ruins of Vanor, more info here: http://hrimgate.blogspot.com/2014/02/campaign-call-ruins-of-vanor.html ), and I made a bunch of custom classes for it. I figured I would share them here for anyone who was interested. The first out of the gate:

The Holy Dungeoneer

I’ll post links to the others when I get around to posting them, probably later this week.


I like this. If I was using it in a “generic” campaign, I might add paladins to their potential followers, to simulate getting some members of the order who are more well-rounded/less focused on specifically dungeons. Very nice write-up, and I like the abilities of the class.

Oh definitely. The Order itself in the campaign has many different kinds of followers (e.g., clerics, priests, paladins, fighters, etc). The Holy Dungeoneers themselves are the special forces or shock troops, if you will. And thanks…

I think this neat but wonder if half divine casting and losing some of the buy-offs would be a better way to handle it? I think it would be cheaper xp-wise anyway (I don’t think these guys deserve near wizard xp costs!).

I mostly wanted to stay away from them being spell-casters cause it reminded me too much of the 3E D&D paladin then.

Also, after reading your comment and looking at the XP progression, I realized it was wrong (listed as 2,450 when it should be 2,150), so I’ve made a change to the chart to reflect that. So thanks. :wink: