[HR] New Class: The Templar

I’ve posted my second custom class at http://www.bythisaxe.com/2012/05/templar.html

Unfortunately, the formatting is perfect in “draft” but the font sizes shift a little when “published”. I hope that doesn’t detract too much from the class.

I liked it. Works well with the setting I’ve been working on.

I’ve posted four new elemental (air, earth, fire and water) temple selections for my templar (and a few new spells) at http://www.bythisaxe.com/2012/06/additional-templar-temples-elemental.html

I’ve just added the fire templars to my campaign - I am presenting them as an obscure order of spear-wielding monks in the Orléans area that the players will be coming across, along with evidence that the other elements could also be researched.

(Since this past Saturday was close to a TPK, and they’re not out of the woods yet, one or more new characters may come from the order, as well … oops.)

Really great, evocative stuff CharlesDM - thanks for sharing!

I concur with the above - great, evocative class!