[HR] New Race: The Tinmen

Following on my Brass Jongleur


I have posted on my blog the Tin Philosopher


the Bronze Captain


and the Tinmen race


Tin is not a particularly good conductor compared to most metals, but it does conduct electricity. So how about some vulnerability to electricity/lightning?

I could see that in some campaigns …

In my campaign, I assume tinmen are complex composite materials plated with metal. I’m not sure if such a being would be substantially more or less vulnerable to energy than a humanoid in chain mail or plate.

Also, how to cost energy resistance or vulnerability? In past (3.x) campaigns, I’ve enjoyed adding races with genies in their ancestry, so eventually I’ll want to cost energy resistances and vulnerabilities, but I don’t currently have those numbers (aside from resist cold, which as a 1st level spell is easier to cost).

Thank you for the feedback!