[HR: Races] Katzchen

So, I’m mostly posting this to see if my math is correct.

The Katzchen are a short race, similar in height to dwarves and gnomes. They’re basically cat-people.

All Katzchen classes require a minimum Dexterity of 9 or better.

Class Category Values
Fighting: Due to their short statures, Katzchen cannot use human-sized two-handed weapons (such as two-handed swords and polearms) or longbows. (Counted this as a -1/2 power… but not sure if that is too generous.)

Katzchen 0:
Difficult to Spot
Willful and Cunning: The Katzchen are quick to leap away from danger, granting a +2 bonus to saving throws versus Blast and Breath. Due to their willful and arbitrary nature, the Katzchen also gain a +2 bonus to saving throws versus Spells. [1/2 power]
Cat-like Reflexes: Renamed Animal Reflexes

Katzchen 1:
Fangs and Claws, Lvl 1 [2 powers]
Contortionism (as proficiency)

Katzchen 2:
Thievery 1 (Move Silently, Hear Noise, Climb Walls)

Katzchen 3:
Fangs and Claws, Lvl 2 [+1 power]
Naturally Stealthy

Katzchen 4:
Thievery 2 (Add Hide in Shadows and Backstab)

Katzchen Value
Value Katzchen XP Cost
4 Katzchen 4 650
3 Katzchen 3 450
2 Katzchen 2 350
1 Katzchen 1 150
0 Katzchen 0 75

If this math is right, it looks like it will take an additional 12,000 XP for every level after 8th.

I’m open to other interesting suggestions to add to the race template, of course. But I’m mostly looking for verification (or not) of my math.

I like this. I also think that low-light vision or darkvision will work well here as well…

Thanks, golan. I was considering that myself. Maybe as one of their Race 0 powers.

This is the light-vision power I’m using for my gecko-men:

Low-Light Vision: Gecko-Men have eyes that are so sensitive to light that they can see twice as far as normal in dim light. Low-light vision is colour vision. A spellcasting Gecko-man with low-light vision can read a scroll as long as even the tiniest candle flame is next to her as a source of light. Gecko-Men can see outdoors on a moonlit night as well as they can during the day. However, Gecko-Men suffer a penalty of -1 to attack throws when in bright sunlight.

Still hoping someone can check my math, though.