[HR:Spell] Mending

I'm trying to create a new transmogrification spell: Mending.

The idea is to have a spell that "does repair work" - it repairs an object of up to 1 cubic foot, such as a locket, a pocket watch, or a pot. The object must be repairable by mundane means - the spell simply saves the work by mending the item immediately. The spell will not work on irreparably destroyed objects.

In D&D (was that 2E?) this was a 1st level spell.


I think I'll try to play around with the following characteristics to get 10 or less points:
1. Effect -> Partial Transformation Effect -> Current form is repaired, 10 points
2. Targeting -> Target modifiers -> Target must be a non-living object or machine (including automatons) up to 1 cubic foot, x0.4.

To that I will add range -> Touch at x0.6, Duration Indefinite at x3.5, and beneficial effect at x1.


Arcane: 8.4 points. Level 1.
Divine: 10.5. Level 2? A bit weak for a level 2 spell... So I might keep it arcane only, or make it level 1 as well.

On objects or automatons with hit points, this heals 1d6+1 damage. It can alternatively repair 1 SHP.

There would also be a Greater Mending spell at Arcane 4, capable of repairing an object up to 100 cubic feet, or 2d6 + caster level object (or automaton) HP, or 1d6+1 SHP.

What do you think?

A duration of Indefinite suggests that the effect can be dispelled. I’d go with Instantaneous instead.

(Although Transmogrification does not have a modifier for Instantaneous, it’s probably approximately x0.5.)

Since Transmogrification normally targets only living creatures and can’t affect objects, I’d increase the modifier for ‘target must be an object’, both for flavor reasons and to adjust for the difference in cost between Indefinite and Instantaneous. Might involve also increasing the cost of the base effect, because I agree that ‘cure light wounds but for automatons and also restores small object damage’ is a fine first level effect.

I’d probably build it as a compound spell, thinking about it; ‘restore small objects’ in Transmogrification and ‘restore hit points to a construct’ in Healing. Throw in a new healing modifier, something like ‘can only target constructs’, probably around x0.5. Then just use your ‘this is a Judge system not a player one’ prerogative and make sure you don’t design any spells that are more effective on constructs than the equivalent-level healing spell is on normal characters.

Thanks for the input!