[HR] Succubus

Because it isn’t a proper fantasy RPG without stats for succubi…
% Lair: 20%
Dungeon encounter: Single (1) / Temptation (1d3)
City Encounter: Temptation (1d3) / Cult (1d3 temptations)
Alignment: Chaotic
Mv: 120’ (40’), Fly 180’ (60’)
AC: 3
HD: 4**** (I think… I may be miscounting special abilities)
Attacks: 1 (claw)
Damage: 1d4, or by weapon if armed
Save: F4
Morale: -2
Treasure type: H for temptation, L for cult
XP: 300ish (again, depending on special ability count)
Succubi were created by the ancient Zaharans as concubines by the binding of lascivious spirits into the bodies of mortal women. In their natural form, they possess demonic features (small horns, bat wings, pointed tail, claws), though they can retract / suppress these features if they desire. Complete suppression is not possible, however - some small mark or blemish will always remain. Any male who meets their gaze must save vs spells or be Charmed, as the magician spell. Additionally, succubi are naturally telepathic, possessing ESP, also as the spell.
Finally, a succubus’ kiss drains 1 year of life from the target (3 for dwarves, 5 for elves). A full night of revelry in the company of one drains about 20 years (60 for dwarves, 100 for elves). This aging, however, is not applied immediately - it applies gradually, at the rate of 1/3/5 years per day thereafter. If the succubus is slain before all aging has been applied, the aging ceases. While a succubus can choose not to drain the life force of its victims, there is no way for the victim to be sure that they have (because the aging applies later), and they rarely do so, as each year of drained life force reduces their own physical age by one month, to a minimum of young adulthood. The Zaharans considered this aging a feature; the masters of magic who created succubi were often undead, and hence unaffected by the aging, but it provided a deterrent to others who would touch their harems. Additionally, succubi are immune to disease and cannot serve as carriers.
Each succubus is typically surrounded by a group 1d8 of charmed thralls who, while perhaps unnaturally aged past their prime, are fanatically loyal and fight as Men, Berserkers. A cult of succubi will have additionally one Mistress of 6HD who is immune to normal weapons and can Command at will, as the cleric spell.
A few notes:
Figured I’d give the ‘energy drain as aging’ approach a shot; it seems to make sense for succubi. The staggered / gradual drain exists to give PCs an incentive to hunt down the succubus and save themselves from aging to death, and the “may disable” clause is for tempting Chaotic characters, or in case they decide they want to try to redeem one (hah).
Also, if using the Drunken Debauchery table, treat approximately 1% of females slept with by adventurers as succubi (this is grossly misrepresentative of the population at large in most settings, I hope, but adventurers often have gems and jewellery, which succubi are partial to).

goodgod - demons. i like. one thing: imho HD is too low (although number of asterisks seems ok)
AD&D1: a succu has 6 hd;
BECMI: Demons are truly fearsome: no succu in BECMI but according to immortal gold set of becmi, the weakest demon has 26 hd.
what was your conversion’s source?

That’s fair. I was aiming for somewhere between tieflings and proper demons, since they’re demons bound into the constraints of mortal flesh. If you increase their HD to 6, then they’re worth 1320 XP each, Treasure Type Q for cults and N for temptations (rounding up a bit, but the closest fit for hoarders).

Hijacking this thread to not make a seperate one, because here are some more demons:

Demon (General Information):

If demon types I through IV are encountered in their lair, there will be 1d6 of the same type 75% of the time and 1d6 mixed types I to IV 25% of the time. In addition to individual demonic powers, each sort of demon shares the following special abilities:

Types & Powers:

All types: Infravision, Telepathy, Half-damage from: cold, electricity, fire, gas*, Cannot be harmed by silver weapons

IV to VI: Cannot be harmed by non-magical weapons*


Some demons are able to gate in other demons once per day. An attempt can be made each round as an action until the first attempt succeeds. Once a gate attempt succeeds, gate can no longer used for the day. The chance for success and the type of demons that can be gated are given in the demon’s description. A gated demon cannot use the gate power and characters receive no XP for defeating a gated demon (the XP for a gated demon are already accounted for in the original demon’s XP value). Gated demons appear immediately within 1d6x10 feet of their summoner and are able to act on the following round.

Demon, Mane

Type: Demon Type I (small)
% in Lair: 0%
Dungeon Enc.: 0
Wilderness Enc.: 4d4
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 30’
AC: 3
HD: 1**
Attacks: 2 claws, 1 bite
Damage: 1d2, 1d4
Save As: F1
Morale: +2
Treasure: Nil
XP: 16

Manes are lowly demons usually serving as food for more powerful species or send forth to exist on the material plane for a day and wreak havoc. Manes cannot gate other demons. Mindless* (Manes are immune to charm, hold, and sleep effects and spells.)

Demon, Succubus II

Type: Demon Type V (medium)
% in Lair: 5%
Dungeon Enc.: 1
Wilderness Enc.: 1
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 40’ (60’) (fly)
AC: 10
HD: 6*****
Attacks: 2 claws or kiss or special
Damage: 1d3 or energy drain or special
Save As: Fighter 6
Morale: +2
Treasure: H, J
XP: 1.720

Succubi can cause darkness in a 5’ radius. The kiss of a succubus drains* the victim of one level. Succubi have magic resistance (14)*.

Gate* (Each succubi can gate in a type IV demon (70% chance) or a type VI demon (25%) once per day. Attempts can be made once per round as an action with a 40% chance of success until an attempt is successful.)

At-Will Powers* (Succubi are able to use any one of the following abilities at will: become ethereal, charm person, ESP, clairaudience, suggestion, shape change)

Demon, Vrock

Type: Demon Type I (large)
% in Lair: 5%
Dungeon Enc.: 1d3
Wilderness Enc.: 1d6
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 40’ (60’) (fly)
AC: 10
HD: 8****
Attacks: 2 claws, 2 talons, 1 bite or special
Damage: 1d4, 1d8, 1d8 or special
Save As: Fighter 8
Morale: +2
Treasure: N
XP: 2.600

Vrock can cause darkness in a 5’ radius. Vrock have magic resistance (10)*.

Gate* (Each vrock can gate in a type I demon once per day. Attempts can be made once per round as an action with a 10% chance of success until an attempt is successful.)

At-Will Powers* (Vrock are able to use any one of the following abilities at will: detect invisible and telekinesis.)

Hmm. More in keeping with tradition, these. Mine was focused on adapting essence to an ACKS-default setting. I was going to do more demons eventually, but one thing I was aiming for specifically was cults in the lair entries. Never made much sense to me that demons encountered on the Material tended to be met in packs of just demons, rather than being surrounded by groups of subservient evil humanoids. They’re big, strong, evil, ambitious, and smart… territoriality just seems to follow. Devils, I could see operating in a strict hierarchy, naturally, but demons… dunno.

these are just a raw conversion vom ad&d (submission file for more send to alex today) - didn’t put any sense into their conversation story/essence wise - jsut converted to be used as is…but you are certainly right in that it would be more in line to have them summoned by cults and give them a more mysterious and frightening role - the rampaging demon horde is also not one of my taste…this is one of the reasons why i have made the small adjustment of demons that are gated by other demons cannot gate demons themselves…at least a start i guess :wink: