[HR] The Foundation Mages

Thanks to Jedavis’ idea to use combine prayerful magic and advanced spell progression to create a class with power but very little flexibility, I was finally able to get this to work the way I wanted it to.

So this is the Foundation Mage class, which will at some point, form part of the Foundation Stones Player’s Guide (ACKS) (along with the adept, sorcerer, and blood mage classes).

Of course, it’s always hard to create new specialized magics without having new specialized spells for them. So in addition to the class and its seven subclasses, there are approximately 50 new spells. (I don’t actually have an exact count, because I haven’t bothered to figure out the final number that made it in yet.)

The google drive link:

The summary:

Foundation mage is a Foundation3/Thievery 1 class that uses the advanced spell progression. Actually, it’s seven classes, because each of the seven Foundation Stones is a different magic type created using the Axioms rules. But all seven have identical XP costs and shared base abilities. They are very much a pure spellcaster. At first level, you choose your Stone, and that determines 3 out of the 5 spells in your repertoire at each level, as well as a large amount of special abilities and powers gained at higher levels. (Trading away Turn Undead + a point in Thievery gave them quite a lot of special abilities available. Except, of course, for the two Stones that don’t trade away Turn Undead.)

The repertoire available to each Stone is based on the theme of that stone; there being seven stones, there’s seven subclasses. (Fire, Earth, Air, Death, Life, Thought, Time are the seven stones.)

There’s a lot of formatting issues and a few notes that I left in because I didn’t get around to removing them. One note I will explain: They don’t have Apostasy on their proficiency list, but instead they have a new one that gives them only two spells off another Stone’s list. I felt like Apostasy would have been much too strong on them, so they get the weaker version.

I also haven’t done their proficiency list yet (because I forgot to)!

Oh, no - this is so cool I don't want to use it as much as I want to spend many hours dreaming up more custom magelike classes.