Humanoid weights

After putting together the calculations a while back on the percentage of each species that are combatants, I wanted to piece together estimated average weights for various bipedal intelligent species. After all, we have rules for what various mounts (both ground and aerial) can carry, so knowing how large a potential rider is could be important. I used a combination of the ACKS book and some other editions of the game that ACKS evolved from, so here are estimates (insert IANAA and all other appropriate disclaimers) of the weight of different bipedal intelligent beings from the core book:

Bugbear: 25 stone
Dwarf: 15 stone
Elf: 13 stone
Gnoll: 30 stone*
Gnome: 4 stone
Goblin: 4 stone
Halfling: 3 stone
Hobgoblin: 20 stone
Kobold: 3 stone
Lizardman: 22 stone
Man: 15 stone
Neanderthal: 17 stone
Ogre: 60 stone
Orc: 17 stone
Troll: 50 stone
(* = creature’s weight is provided in its description)

Some thoughts on some of the logic:
Man is around 15 stone on average. Dwarf “weighs as much as adult humans.” Elf should be slightly lighter, since they are short and lithe (and 12 stone would work too). Neanderthal is slightly heavier, and it makes sense to me that Orc is the mass of Neanderthal. Hobgoblin is somewhat larger, and Bugbear larger still, due to increased hit dice (and the Bugbear description noting its bulk). Gnome and Goblin are the same size, as are Kobold and Halfling, just to appeal to my sense of symmetry. Lizardman are tall and have a tail, so they should be fairly heavy. Gnoll is listed as averaging 7’6" and 300 pounds, which is a crosscheck when creating other creatures’ weights. Troll and Ogre are increasingly large (8’ and 9’-10’), and should be correspondingly larger than a Gnoll.

Humanoids I have briefly thought about but haven’t tried to place in this schema yet: Morlock, Minotaur, Cyclops, Ettin, Faerie, Mermen, Thoghrin, Troglodyte.

Note that giants’ weights are all in their descriptions, so adding them is unnecessary.

Here are some monster weights from Lairs & Encounters Worksheets v14 (unpublished material, still under development):

Bugbear - 400lbs
Centaur - 2,100lbs
Gnoll - 300lbs
Goblin - 45lbs
Hobgoblin - 215lbs
Kobold - 40lbs
Lizardman - 250lbs
Mermen - 400lbs
Minotaur - 700lbs
Ogre - 600lbs
Orc - 200lbs
Troglodyte - 150lbs

Cyclops - 7,800lbs
Ettin - 2,800lbs
Cloud Giant - 7000lb
Fire Giant - 3,200lb
Frost Giant - 2,800lb
Hill Giant - 1,100lb
Stone Giant - 1,500lb
Storm Giant - 12,000lb

Dwarf - 150lbs
Elf - 115lbs
Gnome - 65lbs
Halfling - 45lbs
Morlock - 150lbs
Neanderthal - 220lbs

Good stuff, thanks.

I did not realize Morlocks were demihuman. I wonder what it’d be like to have a dwarven vault with Morlock neighbors.