Hyping Heroic Fantasy & BCK on social media

Hey everyone,

Social media posts tend to be most effective when there's a lot of activity, and for sites like reddit a critical number of upvotes when a post is first made are needed to get it in front of the eyeballs of the subreddit denizens.  Therefore, if anyone has made any posts hyping the kickstarter, please post them here so we can all talk about what we're excited about for the project.

It wasn't me, but somebody already made an announcement on big purple 

I haven't seen a post on /r/RPG or /r/OSR on reddit yet.  I did check the rules on /r/RPG, and kickstarter posts are allowed once at launch and once 48 hours before the completion.  Other than that, there's a weekly kickstarter update thread on fridays.  If anyone ends up posting about those, please let this forum know.  The G+ community probably wouldn't hurt either!