I received my print Player's Companion!

It’s awesome! Woo hoo!!!

Just a celebration thread …

Woo! I'm still waiting on mine, LOL!

I got mine yesterday too. I live in north central Massachusetts so it’s just one day shipping from NH. It looks great!

Just got it today here in DC. Looks awesome!

grrr sometimes, i hate living in germany… if the book arrives, i hope the it is delivered to my adress and not to the custom’s office as it happened with the corerulebook… waiting…

I just got mine today here in NoVA. It is a beauty.

Good job guys! cant wait for more!

So, are these backer books, or pre-orders from Game Salute? I’m just nervous because I gave them my new address but my old address still shows on my order. How do the books come? Fed-Ex? UPS? USPS? BBQWTF?

Ludanto, send an email to support@gmail.com with your shipping info and email and we can check the pre-order spreadsheet Game Salute gave us.

Thanks! I suppose that’s supposed to be support@autarch.co, yes?

yes, thanks! I wonder who has support at gmail?

Oh, also - the Game Salute pre-order spreadsheet I have lists email addresses, but not mailing addresses. So I can confirm you were on their list, but not where it was sent. Email warehouse@gamesalute.com, and cc us so we can help make sure it's taken care of.

Received mine today - looks amazing. To me the art shows even better in the printed book.

Fantastic, guys. Congrats!

I received mine yesterday and I have to agree - it’s an amazing piece of work. The team at Autarch should be proud. Can’t wait to support the next project!

I’m still waiting on mine (hopefully the DC Post office hasn’t done something stupid with it…). Are pre-orders and backer rewards going out at the same time? Or are Backer copies going out first? I pre-ordered rather than backed (I got into ACKS enough to be interested in the Players Companion just a bit too late to back the KS) and totally understand if backer orders are going out first, but of course I hope they’re both going out because I want this book in my hands!

I hope mine is coming soon as well. I found out about ACKS to late to join in any of the kickstarters, so had to settle for pre-ordering the book as well. I do have the pdf, but they pale in comparison to having a live copy in my hands.

Checked the P.O. Box on Thursday - still no book. But I am not worried (yet) - I live in Israel, and things take time getting here by mail.

Got my copy today! Woohoo!

I just received mine today, I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

This is a beautiful book.

I got mine yesterday in the cold and wintery UK.

Pre-orders are going out today and over the next few days, now that we're getting confirmations that backers as far away as Australia and New Zealand have theirs.

Yep, just got a shipping confirmation. Looks like pre-orders are on their way!