Intelligent Undead, Healing, and Turning

Once a spellcaster has turned himself into an intelligent undead, how does healing work for him? Does he heal over time? Do healing spells work on him?

Also, how does turning work on him? What happens when a PC is "turned"?

1. He heals normally provided he "feeds" appropriately. I've never written up what appropriately means, but I imagine a ghoul needs to feed on dead human flesh in quanities similar to a 200lb carnivore, while energy-draining undead probably need their HD in energy levels per month. If in a sinkhole of evil, his rate of healing is increased as if he were in a pinnacle of good. Non-feeding undead only heal in sinkholes of evil.

2. He is healed by the reversed version of healing spells.

3. If a PC is turned, it's as if he were affected by a fear spell. He flees, or if he cannot flee, he cowers in terror. If he is destroyed, it's as if he were disintegrated. If controlled, it's as if he were charmed. Wise PCs will choose undead types that offer a saving throw when turned, such as Deathbound Wraiths or Mummy Lords.