[Interest Check] No Maps For These Territories - new PbP game

I'm thinking about running an ACKS sandbox PbP game.  The ideas behind the game are a work in progress but, right now, I'm planning on:

  • PCs begin with 80,000 xp and 100,000 gp.  Not quite name level but close.
  • The game world is human-centric.  No non-human PCs, although opportunities for hiring non-human NPCs as henches may arise.  I'm ok with using the custom class rules from the Players' Companion to create human versions of your favorite classes.
  • PCs can draw on nearby civilization for selling loot and recruiting henches/hirelings but otherwise nothing interesting happens there.
  • There is no "plot".  PCs will start with a few rumors and hooks but the name of the game is exploration and hexcrawling, presumably moving into domain building.
  • No metagame hints from the Judge.  I will give info if it's reasonable that the PC would know it but otherwise the PCs are expected to use sages, proficiencies, Commune spells, trial and error, etc. to learn what they don't know.
  • PbP games are, by their nature, slow so I intend to double all XP awarded.
  • I need players who can post multiple times per day during the week and once a day on the weekends.
  • A game of this nature will involve a fair amount of logistics so I need players willing to do their share to keep things organized.  
  • I plan on running the game here on the Autarch forums but I reserve the right to move to another site if the forum setup ends up driving me nuts.  

My influences for this game include:

Just looking for interest right now so no character ideas, please.  Feel free to link to any PbP games in which you participate(d).  Previous PbP experience is not required but gives me an idea of your gaming style.

I make lots of mistakes so I don't expect to hold my players to some ridiculously high standard but I am a big fan of proper spelling and grammar in posts.  If that's not your style then this isn't the game for you.


I'm interested in principle... I can technically meet the "several times a day" posting standard, but on my schedule that's more "several times a night", so we may need to talk about time zones.  Only ongoing pbp is Blackmarsh on this forum.





Dave R, what time zone are you?

Color me interested, though I may struggle with the posting requirement between work and the Central European Timezone.

[quote="Hardrada"] Color me interested, though I may struggle with the posting requirement between work and the Central European Timezone. [/quote]

Between you and Dave R, I've got two interested guys in different time zones.  Plus I've got a couple other guys potentially interested who can't commit to multiple posts a day.  So it may end up that this becomes a "post when you can" game and I give folks 24 hours to respond.  I'll let you know.

I'm interested.  I'm going to be travelling for the next couple of weeks, but after that I should be able to post more regularly.

I think I'd rather have Hardrada and Dave R as players than worry about game pace.

Waiting on one other player and then we'll get started on chargen.  Should be a slow enough process that kalstone won't fall behind.

I would be interested as well!

I am in the CET Zone.

I think five is a good number.  Let's get started.  I will request a game thread.

If you guys want to begin discussing the game here, while we wait for the game thread to be created, that's fine with me.  

Confirm one last time that you're interested in playing and I'll get you some Ability Score rolls.  I'm going to do five sets of 3d6x6.  You can choose your PC and any initial henchmen from those rolls.  Because I like the idea of adventurers being exceptional individuals, I will give you one of two options (for your PC only):

You can change any one score below 9 into a 9 


You can swap any two scores (for example, you have a PC with high WIS and low CHR and you want the high score in CHR, you can swap the two).

Still interested.

Confirmed and hoping for some good rolls! :)

Still interested.

I’m here.

Never give up! Never surrender!

I'm not a fan of the dice roller here.  Can't put more than one roll on each line.  I'm gonna do this quickly on another site and copy the results here.











9,9,9,9,12,9  (this guy is the most average guy ever!)


Dave R